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© Danny Lyon, The World Is Not My Home

#1: Kite - Fenhe park, Taiyuan with branch of Yellow River, undated
#2: Lianito, New Mexico, 1970
#3: Crossing the Ohio, Louisville, Ky., 1966
#4: Shakedown at Ellis prison, Huntsville, Texas, 1968

For the past five decades the photographer Danny Lyon has produced a mix of documentary photographs and film – both politically conscious and personal.

As the artist turns 70 this year, a new exhibition called ‘The World is Not My Home: Danny Lyon Photographs’ will celebrate his lengthy career at the Menil Collection in Houston from March 30 to July 29, 2012. (read more)

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Peter Goodspeed: Dying as a political act: Centuries-old Buddhist tradition of self-immolation continues in China

“This was not the random act of a disturbed individual, but rather a single manifestation of a deeply rooted set of ideas and ideals in Chinese Buddhism that blossomed again and again in the history of pre-modern China.”

Photo: Tibetan exile Janphel Yeshi, 27, runs as he is engulfed in flames after he set himself on fire to protest an upcoming visit to India by Chinese President Hu Jintao, March 26, 2012, in New Delhi. Yeshi suffered life-threatening burns. (AFP/Getty Images)