I'm Matt. I live in Allston, MA. I like art, making photographs, and collecting records. Steezy menswear is cool too.

~Screamo is for lovers.~
'Form' #milkart #art #photography #blackandwhite
Been watching art lectures online for 3 days

Only street in Allston still covered in 4 feet of snow.

Salvador Dalí by Weegee (Arthur Fellig), 1950



Real things don’t frighten me just the ones in my mind do.

Photography by Francesca Woodman | Previously (x)

Cool car, @mr_wathne #smoking #art #cars #broken

Woody Allen, photographed by Ruth Orkin
Someone come hang and #art. No internet & no friends = no fun. New Polaroids = fun


 Gina Pane - Sentimental Action (1973) - In-gallery performance with rose thorns

(Source: likeafieldmouse)


Le Peintre et ses Modèles
Jean-Gabriel Domergue
A study in the #science of #art

Agape by Maly Siri

Poster for Job Cigarette Papers Manuel Orazi ca. 1920s.
King of Carrot Flowers Parts 4&5 #sad #art #bored #board

Tattoo popular among both men and women. The men’s interpretation is ‘If I were to sleep with a woman, then it would only be a queen. If I were to steal, then it would be no less than a million’. The women’s interpretation is ‘To live and love life like a queen’.

Detail from Frederic Lord Leighton’s Light of the Harem, 1880