I'm Matt. I live in Allston, MA. I like art, making photographs, and collecting records. Steezy menswear is cool too.

~Screamo is for lovers.~
Classic spins. #skramz #vinyl #records
More #skramz while make some macaroni and #skramz. The neighbors must hate me (or themselves) #pun
A little I Hate Myself #skramz while cooking #skramz pasta before #skramz work


Pg.99.Process Is Dead

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Take My Hand, and Let’s Walk Through an Open Field During a Thunderstorm  - Knowing We’ll Never Grow Up

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Circle Takes The Square - Interview At The Ruins

Hide the petals underneath that bedroom floorboard

and they will wither without fail or success.
Put the people in the hollow box they crafted,
bolt the doors and watch them perish.
Its a cautious descent, so polite and pensive at first.
But the only truth is change, have patience
(every hundredth year, a single breath and then its over…)
Even if only for a minute for a minute its over.
Even if only for a minute.
So brave in the face of all those roots that ruin,
to stand so tall when in fact in ruins.
To face that corner of the box and dive in,
just the sound alone of its humble breath.

A murmur from the ruins echoes softly as the roots undo, and the branch becomes…

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Why does nobody else on Tumblr appreciate these guys or skramz in general? :(

I appreciate Orchid very much! :I
Venus and Bacchus
  • Person 1: Close my eyes. Pull my heart strings. Pour my tears from your hand. Connections are never easy. You said empty words. Empty soul, I believe that we are afraid of one another.
  • Person 2: And I, I believe that you have died within me... I fade from myself. I miss you again. I fade from myself. I miss you again... again. What have we got? Bloody broken and hidden away. I seek the rope from which we will hang, or so it seems, the dance of flesh on flesh has rendered us blind.
  • Person 1: I look into eyes, I look into stone. It's better to be stepped on than left all alone...so now I choke on yesterday when I was someone and I wonder where 'forever' went, and how our 'everything' came undone. I opened my eyes and the heaven beneath us died.




“Woke up the garden, ate apples one more time. Had too many questions, saw too many lights. My other Father; carry me from brightness. I love too much, care without purpose. The day that shines down is my one alone. Nothing else to live for, I’m in my only home. And where were you? I don’t want you. A fissure crackles from the other side. Had too many questions, saw too many lights. Took my joy for my own, spent my time on life. Now the freedom I’m feeling comes from inside. Burning the garden I hear the fire. My body is warming, the sparks fly. And all those questions, and all those lights, they’re burning too.”

Female fronted screamo? Yes please!

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